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The woman, photographer, and stylist behind Ethington Imagery. 


Although my home base is in Utah, I work with people and brands from around the world creating elevated photography that sets them apart. I specialize in fashion, commercial and bold product photography with an emphasis on light and color. 

I believe there is nothing more important than being fearless in your individuality. In creating your brand, your product, your business, your LIFE, embrace creativity and innovation. 


My mission is always to bring to life an authentic, inspiring representation of your work. Whether that representation is the products you have nurtured to life or your personal brand, together we will create images that strike at the heart of your mission and elevate you to the forefront. 

So take the time to elevate yourself. Trust me, it’s worth it. 


Let’s get creating!


Light tells a story and every color and use of light should be intentional.


• Gold & Silver Key, Scholastic Art & Writing 2013 & 2014
• BYU Talent Award 2015 & 2016
• Published in Photographer's Forum Best of High School and College Photography 2015
• Published in Pipa Books 2017
• Recipient of Art for Uncertain Times, Center for Latter-day Saint Arts 2020
• Finalist for 2020 NCOA Age + 2020
• Published in the Alabaster Co Books Jeremiah & Acts 2021
• Commercial Photographer for Made by Mary 2022 - Current
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